Dance Floorr Lighting
The modern dance floor lighting of today is "Intelligent Lighting", including moving heads, scanners, color changers, LED's etc. We use the same lighting you will find at a upscale night club or at a concert. This lighting is computer controlled and is custom programmed to provide everything from very elegant wash colors to all out rock concert lighting.
Decor & Theme Lighting
Up lighting is used to provide a very beautiful, elegant look to your party room. LED lights are placed around the room and create shafts of light up on to the walls. We can match or compliment your decor colors with these lights. Later in the evening the lights can even be used as effect lights by changing colors, sequencing, etc.
Stage Lighting
If you are having a Band, DJ, Performer, Fashion Show, Corporate, etc. and need your stage area lit...we can help. Again, we use Moving Heads, Color Changers and LED's to provide the right stage look for you. The Dance floor and Stage Lighting can be combined to provide an awesome show as well. Followspots are also available.
Special Effects
In addition, Custom Lighting Gobos, Starry Sky Effect, Laser Light Show, Black Light Show, Smoke/Hazer Machines, Dance Floor Platforms, etc. are also available.
The slideshow shows many of the dance floor lighting, stage lighting, decor lighting and special effects available.
Dance Floor Lighting, Up-Lighting,VideoDance Floor Lighting Video
Sweet 16 Custom Light Show VideoLaser Light Show Video
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